Home Management

Home Maintenance Services

Proxy also offers year-round management for part-time homes.  This custom care service frees the client to do the things they love without the hassle and frustration that inevitably comes with home ownership.  Proxy handles the integral, but time-intensive task of locating, vetting, and managing the various local maintenance and repair contractors (like maids, gardeners, central heating techs, gutter cleaners, painters).

The service starts with a site assessment to thoroughly understand the property and client lifestyle needs. Their Personal Home Manager (PHM) will create a comprehensive maintenance plan and calendar customized to the property.  Utilizing established homeowner contractors or tapping into the Proxy-vetted vendor database, the PHM gets bids for, schedules, coordinates, supervises and quality checks all annual maintenance items.  The plan covers the predictable home needs, while the PHM handles the unpredictable by checking the interior and exterior of the house, systems, and landscape (especially trees) at least once a month.   The PHM’s phone number becomes the single point of contact for routine or emergency situations and will replace all contractor numbers.  And when out of town, the PHM provides comprehensive weekly house visits and reports by email. Pricing starts at $100/month and is customized to the home and client needs.

Maintenance & Repair Plan

Your Personal Home Manager will know the ins and outs of your home as if it were their own.  The annual home and landscape maintenance plan will include, but not be limited to:

  • all major appliances
  • automated lighting, audio and video systems
  • automobiles
  • backup generator
  • builder punch list
  • central heat and air system
  • exterior painting & staining
  • gutters & yard drains
  • housekeeping
  • landscape turf, shrubs, beds and trees
  • pest control
  • roof system
  • security system
  • swimming pool or hot tub
  • utility bill management and payment
  • window cleaning
  • wood and masonry decks

Click here to see a sampling of items from a client’s home maintenance schedule.

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