What services do you provide?

How much is the basic home watch service?

Many things can affect the cost: frequency of use by the client, location, age, features, condition and materials used in construction of the house, etc. The minimum is $200 per month.

Do you arrange lawn care services?

Yes, this is one of our normal maintenance services provided via one of our preferred local vendors.

May I have you do less and pay less?

Some home watch service items are optional, but most are not. Our experience over the years has shown us that positive results come from a consistent approach to the service.

Why is Proxy the Western Carolina leader in home watch services?

Proxy has been providing home watch the longest (since 2006), is the biggest (4 full time employees, over 50 current clients) and has the best trained staff (licensed general contractor, engineering degree & experience, wildlife biologist, customer service management).  Unlike the competitors who provide home watch as a secondary service, Proxy’s business is home watch.

What services are included in the home watch service package?

  • Check the home and systems every week inside and out
  • Look for signs of small issues that may show up so that they don’t become big ones (pest, water leaks, etc.)
  • Look for potential threats to the home (trees, weather, neighborhood activity)
  • Make sure the house looks lived in (lawn mowed, flyers and trash removed from lawn, mailbox emptied, set light timers)
  • Make sure all systems are working (heat and air, plumbing, electrical)
  • Prepare home for client arrival & shut down the home after departure
  • Give service providers access (when requested by client)

Why do clients use the home watch service?

  • One prospect turned into a client after receiving a $500 water bill for a running toilet.
  • One client left the house back door open when leaving town resulting in the house temperature dropping below 40 degrees and 1 inch of snow in one room.  We found the open door within 24 hours.
  • A client on Town Mountain has had carpenter bees, mice, and fly and ant issues in the past two years; all were identified and eliminated by us before becoming major issues.
  • Several clients have left town forgetting various things (jewelry, power cords, clothes) that we promptly sent to them.

Why don’t I just use my neighbor or ask my housekeeper to check the home?

Neighbors and housekeepers won’t be insured for the liability you pass along to them. They also won’t know the most likely threats to your home and how to avoid them. They won’t have the time tested tools to make sure an inspection is done properly and completely each and every week.

While housekeepers, neighbors and friends often agree to check on the properties, they don’t always have the ability to recognize the early signs of problems or the time to do an extensive inspection while you’re away. By using our professional home watch service, you’re going to discover problems that are small before they get too big.

What reports will I get and how?

A weekly email with recent/dated photo and a list of any issues that were found and any assigned tasks that were completed.

How do you save me money?

  • Our professional home watch service should save you money by helping you lower utility costs and avoiding potentially expensive damage to your home.
  • Thermostat management  – this can add up, in many cases cutting your annual cost in half
  • Shared vendor discounts – we have negotiated discounts with our preferred vendors that are shared with clients
  • Avoiding the big insurance claim – typically caused by water damage
  • Avoiding vandalism
  • Proxy manages your mail saving the cost of a forwarding service

What is Phil Murphy’s background?

Phil earned an Engineering degree from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.  He is a licensed NC General Contractor.

Are you insured?

Yes, licensed, bonded and insured.

What home maintenance services do you provide?

Everything a home needs, from gutter cleaning to window washing to lawn mowing. A recommended maintenance plan specific to your home will be provided once the home watch service is started.

May I use the service for less than a year?

Yes, but the minimum charge is for 4 months.  This is because of the time and resources needed to learn details of the house and property and how to care for it.

Who does the property checks?

Primarily your Personal Home Manager assigned to your home.  Phil Murphy or another home manager will help initially and when needed.

May I send packages to the house?

Yes, but most clients prefer to send packages directly to our office for re-delivery to your home. There is no extra charge for reasonably sized packages. Please address your package as follows:

Proxy Home Watch

Your Name

1465 Sand Hill Road Suite 1054
Candler, NC  28715

Do you arrange maid service?

Yes, we have several preferred home cleaners available as needed or on a regular basis.

    Do you handle setting up utilities?

    Yes, as your agent (receiving and paying monthly bills) or just assisting with scheduling and installation.

      Do you provide general contractor services?

      Yes, if needed.  Hiring and managing a preferred 3rd party general contractor is more cost effective for bigger projects where getting bids is involved.

      How did the business get started?

      Phil Murphy was looking for a way to leverage his engineering skills but stay local and connect to the area and the people who make the Western Carolinas the best place on Earth to live.

      What should be done with my mail when I’m gone?

      Several options exist:

      • Have the post office forward it to your travel location
      • Have the post office hold it until you return
      • Instruct us to collect it and forward important letters to you