Proxy has successfully paired with some of the area’s most esteemed Real Estate Brokers to create the Luxury Home Owning experience our collective clients expect and deserve.


Benefits of a Proxy Partnership

Increase Sales

  • Proxy ensures that empty luxury home listings will be at their best and well maintained for showings.
  • Proxy provides peace of mind to potential second home buyers whose concerns (maintenance, weather, mail, propane, etc.) might prevent them from closing on a home.
  • Clients who feel their home is worry and hassle-free are more likely to recommend the vacation home lifestyle and in turn, recommend all parties involved in their home buying / owning experience.

Save Time

  • Proxy will handle house visits instead of agent for:
    • Property checks before and after events like bad weather, showings, property sale, etc.
    • Alarm events
    • Vendor access (plumber, handyman, electrician, moving truck)
    • Coordinating maintenance and repair vendors
    • Mailbox checks
    • House prep for guest visits
    • Insurance inspection

Liability Shift

  • Proxy assumes responsibility and liability for the home. Licensed, Bonded, Insured.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a Proxy Partnership can enhance your client’s overall experience and strengthen your positioning within the market.


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