Home Watch

We’ve got it covered. Whether you call it your mountain home, vacation home, second home, or retirement home, the last IMG_8117thing you want with your dream home in Western Carolina is a bunch of worries.  Proxy provides disaster prevention services to almost $100 million worth of second homes in Western Carolina.  Along with preparing these homes for client arrival and shutting them down upon departure, we monitor the homes with weekly property checks that include an emailed report and photo.  We use a systematic approach to help avoid expensive damage from flooding (pipe or roof leaks), vandalism, and pest / animal invasions.  The service includes 24/7 emergency phone access to their Proxy Home Manager (PHM) as well as mail / package delivery management for clients when they are away.


“We are out of state most of the time and Phil does a great job of looking after our Asheville home. His construction and engineering experience have allowed him to spot and handle issues avoiding expensive repairs. His thorough communication and professional service give us great peace of mind.” – Denita – Dunkirk, Maryland


“Home buyers looking for a second home here in Biltmore Lake are often worried about who will take care of their mountain residence while they are away. That is, until they meet Phil Murphy. His professionalism and reliability over the years have made him the “go to guy” for the area’s part time residents.” – Neil Battle – Beverly-Hanks Realtor Services, NC


The Worry Free Home Watch Service includes:


  • Coordinate maintenance vendors and service providers
  • Email property check results to client with weekly photo
  • Severe weather visits
  • Act as primary contact for alarm company
  • Stock / empty refrigerator on arrival / departure
  • Maintain autos for client use
  • Receive, store and deliver packages prior to client arrival
  • Mailbox management
  • Coordinate and wait for deliveries


  • Install and manage automatic timers on lights
  • Prepare house for client arrival
  • Change central air filters
  • Adjust thermostats and water heater prior to client arrival
  • Change spent batteries in thermostats and smoke & CO2 detectors
  • Look for leaks along ceiling and around windows
  • Look for pest infestations
  • Make sure thermostats are set and working properly
  • Make sure the alarm system is set
  • Make sure doors & windows are secured
  • Water house plants
  • Flush toilets
  • Look for leaks under sinks & appliances
  • Change burnt out light bulbs


  • Look for damage to roof
  • Coordinate lawn care service
  • Look for pest problems
  • Check that lawn service is done properly
  • Remove flyers / mail / newspapers
  • Move mail packages inside
  • Relocate trash cans to and from street as needed
  • Sweep front and back porch and stairs
  • Look for evidence of attempted break-in
  • Check gutter and yard drain systems